Raise money by taking action together!



The Problem

Looking For

Better ways to raise money and build communities with limited time and budget

Engaging Donors

And reaching millennials and Gen-Z is hard because they demand authenticity and a better use of social influence

Showing Sponsorship

Values for current and future donations with action-based, cause-aligned, peer to peer shared exposure

People desire a meaningful/impactful use of social media and personal Data

Cause Benefits

Sponsorship brands

Looking for better ways to advertise and connect with customers doing goodwill


Snaps a selfie, pic or video owning and sharing their challenge in an intimate way

$ is donated

After every challenge completed in a clearly branded Ad that monetizes social influence the moment goodwill is the highest

Brand/cause message

Reaches new participants as users organically share their challenge peer-to-peer expanding overall impact

The Fun’dertising Process

Data and analytics that benefit everyone

a WIN-WIN-WIN for people, causes and brands