It is a fun challenge done with your smart phone to raise money for causes you care about. The challenge can be pictures, videos or selfies.

Badges are earned for every challenge completed. They are stored on your impact screen and are a gateway to that community.

During the challenge process (snap, raise, share) you are prompted to share. You can also share directly from your impact screen – just select the challenge you want to share and click the share icon. If you don’t see the platform you want to post on then you can “copy link” which allows you to paste it anywhere.

Shareity allows you to keep the campaigns going once a sponsors money runs out. New participants will be notified that there is no sponsor and can either buy a challenge or let somebody else buy theirs. If they buy challenges the next users to participate will see the person who bought the challenge advertised instead of a brand or no sponsor. You can also buy challenges by clicking the badge when on the share screen in your community.

Shareity is a web app and can be downloaded to your home screen. Just click the share button in your browser, then click “add to home screen”, follow the instructions, and you are done. Note: iOS will require you to login by submitting a secure code. Enter your phone number and then the code. There are no passwords in Shareity.

There are two ways to raise more money: 1) Sharing your challenge 2) Buying other challenges.

All the money raised goes to the Cause shown in the challenge.

You can read more in our privacy policy (link to the policy). Essentially, you're uploading your picture or video so brands will donate to a cause on your behalf. The cause is monetizing your challenge, and they'll be able to see pictures/videos, influence statistics, and participant names. They're also allowed to reach out to users. Shareity does not give anyone access to your phone number.
Brands are allowed to send thanks and rewards to participants through the platform. They do not receive more information and cannot text you directly.

Challenges are sponsored by brands to a certain agreed upon amount. If the sponsor reaches their goal the challenge will still be available, but will now be “unsponsored”, which means people can donate money to buy challenges and keep the campaign going.

Yes! Just click the ‘contact us’ button in the Shareity application.

Shareity believes in doing good together. We are a platform for people to raise money and value their social influence in partnership with brands and causes. Your influence matters.

Each donation is limited to one challenge per user. Shareity verifies this by linking every completed challenge to a specific phone number.

If you’re reading this, we are sorry to see you go. Please, let us know what we can do differently to keep you in our ‘doing good’ community. Deleting is easy – just click on your profile in “my impact” and then “delete account”. All your information and challenges will be deleted. Any money you’ve helped raised will be returned to the Brand if you delete your account within a week after registration. If the account is deleted more than a week after registration, the accumulated impact of the account will transfer to a generic user ID and any money raised will be kept by the Cause.

Shareity is a platform created for the people. Therefore your influence of the problem is essential. For this reason, Shareity users can interact with the Shareity community directly in the Shareity channel. Just click the ‘?’ in the app and start chatting with the community, make improvements suggestions, etc.

Yes, absolutely! We love it when users participate. Just go the the shareity channel (click top right icon) and select “challenge ideas”