Do your Consumers Feel Appreciated? Engaged? Connected? Like Friends?

Giving Brands the Power of Doing Good

The Problem We Solve

Are you looking for a better way to engage consumers and collect first party data? The reality is that 74% of consumers are tired of social media advertising. (Survey Monkey, 2021)

Unfortunately, collecting first party data isn’t easy, and social media doesn’t actually build brand advocates.

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For Brands

• Cause-Aligned Viral Campaigns
• Shareity Effect ™ (Peer to Peer Shared)
• Build Brand Advocacy/Brand Media
• Increase Customer Loyalty With Rewards
• GDPR Compliant, First-Party Communities
• Best ROAS Against Any Social Media Platform

For Causes

• Raise More Money
• Give Sponsors a Better Return
• Attract New Sponsors
• Attract Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennial's
• Increase Cause Awareness
• Build a Community of Lifetime Advocates


So, How Does It Work?


Users accept a challenge by clicking a link or texting a keyword, then upload a picture or video.


The brand gets exposure through a GLAD ™ (10-second animation) and donates for each participant.


Participants share their branded challenge via The Network Effect™ to raise more money and the campaign goes viral.

The Network EffectTM

Powerful Analytics

Each community has a dedicated dashboard equipped with powerful analytics and campaign statistics. These include challenge acceptance rates, total shares, engagement rates, and many more. Use the Shareity Dashboard ™ to fine-tune campaigns to guarantee success.

Push-button Community

Build loyal consumers by motivating your community with rewards like Gift Cards, Products, and Vouchers to drive more traffic to in-person and online stores.

20x Return on Investment

FUNDERTISING™ has the best in class return on Ad sale. Shareity’s cost is just $0.25 cents and a $1, $5, or $10 donation per action to a cause.

Shareity Results

1x Industry Average
0.01% Industry Average
0.9 - 0.2% Industry Average
1x Industry Average

Dedicated Customer Success Team Member

A dedicated team member is here to provide continued support on the Shareity platform. Check-ins and optimization will guarantee campaign success. From ideation to implementation, our team works with you to ensure ease-of-use throughout your experience.

Where to use Shareity?

Live/Virtual Events

Participants text a keyword and receive the challenge directly on their phone at concerts, walk/runs and gatherings.

Social Media

The challenge link can be posted directly on social media with pre-populated content to encourage participation with no advertising spend.

TV, Radio, Print

Challenges can easily be integrated into existing campaigns with a simple call to action via (QR, TEXT).


Shareity Gives You The Opportunity To Do Something Brilliant! Game-Changing!