Create Actionable Micro-Moments

Turn any advertisement into a purpose-driven experience

Building Brand Advocates

Brands are looking for purpose and to align with consumers “where they are” and in the moments they’re in. 75% of consumers will switch to a brand with a cause-aligned purpose-driven mission. Create actionable micro-moments that fuel the building blocks of brand sentiment.

We believe that every brand has a story to tell. Social media advertising doesn't effectively tell that story

The Share Care Economy™

Push-Button Community

Build a first-party, GDPR compliant community linked to phone numbers. Your community grows as users share their challenge with friends and family. Reach back out to your community with rewards, promotions, or a message from the cause, all through direct text message

Why You’ll Love Shareity!

Incentivize With Rewards

Incentivize your community with rewards ex. Gift Cards, Products, Vouchers, etc. to drive more traffic to in-person and online stores..


Shareity has the best in class return on ad sale. Shareity’s cost is just $0.25 cents and a $1, $5, or $10 donation per challenge to a cause. You only pay/donate when people take action. (become a user linked to a phone number)

Powerful Back-end Analytics

Each community has it’s own dashboard where you can view powerful statistics about how many users accepted the challenge, total shares, engagement rates, and even the cost of the campaign if you ran it through social media.

Where to use Shareity?

Live/Virtual Events

Participants text a keyword and receive the challenge directly on their phone at concerts, walk/runs and gatherings.

Social Media

The challenge link can be posted directly on social media with pre-populated content to encourage participation without any advertising spend.

TV, Radio, Print

Challenges can easily be integrated into existing campaigns with a simple call to action via (QR, TEXT).

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