Create Awareness That Drives Action

A new way to give: Volunteerism Meets Slacktivism

Exceed Fundraising Goals

Provide a better Return On Donation/Investment (ROD/I) for your brand sponsors by converting social responsibility initiatives into viral marketing campaigns. What’s more is that 66% of donors worldwide say they would use a mobile app that allows two-tap giving and earns badges and redeemable points. Promote your initiatives through multiple social channels and use our detailed analytics to improve your campaigns.

Share Care Economy™

Push-Button Community

Build a first-party, GDPR compliant community linked to mobile phone numbers. Your community grows via The Shareity Effect ™ as users share their challenge with friends and family.

Incentivize With Rewards

Reach back out to your community with rewards, ask for donations, or send a thank-you message showing the impact made.

Join The Share Care Economy!TM