Create Awareness That Drives Action

Turn any advertisement into a purpose-driven experience

Exceed Fundraising Goals

Provide a better Return On Donation/Investment (ROD/I) for your brand sponsors by converting social responsibility initiatives into viral marketing campaigns. What’s more is that 66% of donors worldwide say they would use a mobile app that allows two-tap giving and earns badges and redeemable points. Promote your initiatives through multiple social channels and use our detailed analytics to improve your campaigns.

The Share Care Economy™

Push-Button Community

Build a first-party, GDPR compliant community linked to phone numbers. Your community grows as users share their challenge with friends and family. Reach back out to your community to send rewards, ask for donations, or send a thank-you message showing the impact made.

Why You’ll Love Shareity!

Incentivize With Rewards

Incentivize your community with rewards ex. Gift Cards, Products, Vouchers, etc. to drive future engagement and talkability.

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