Learn the Ropes

Heres a simple guide on getting started

Back-end Platform

Setting Up Your Account

• Change your password
• Link a cause
• Create a campaign

Buying Credits

• Enter credit amount
• Choose a payment processor

Creating a Challenge

• Keep it simple, short & fun
• Keep it vertical
• Be specific

Tracking and Managing Campaigns

• Campaign dashboard
• Real-time analytics
• Simple management

Promoting Your Challenge

• Create a challenge link
• Create a 797979 keyword
• Share both across media platforms

Web-App Platform

Accepting a Challenge

• Tap to accept any challenge.
• Share your content with peers.
• Raise more funds

Track Your Impact

• Views on promotional challenge.
• Peer-to-peer influence.
• Individual sway

Earn Rewards

• Gift cards.
• Coupons.
• Merchandise

Snap. Raise. ShareTM